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Combining native varieties in your garden design | Australian native plants | Gardening Australia

Combining native varieties in your garden design | Australian native plants | Gardening Australia


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Combining native varieties in your garden design | Australian native plants | Gardening Australia

Native plants come in so many shapes, sizes, and textures. Though they have a reputation for being tough, some of them are big softies. Subscribe 🔔
Clarence explains how leaf texture and structure tells us about each plant’s role in the environment. To showcase how they can be utilised to create stunning contrast in the landscape, he pots up a combination of textures for any garden.

Landscape design: Soft foliage can be used to create beautiful textural elements in the garden. Create soft and diffused edges with plants that invite you to sink your hand in and touch them, making your garden a delight for not just your eyes. Perfect for children and pets and people with vision impairment. Thick and soft foliage makes them perfect screening plants.

Ecology: Soft or furry leaves plants may be adapted with hairs to reduce moisture loss. Birds will nest and create a habitat within dense soft foliage.

Design: Spiky and spiny plants provide striking texture as a backdrop to wispier or colourful plants, or as arresting architectural features.

Ecology: Spiky and spiny foliage is often an adaptation to prevent herbivory, while reduced foliage can indicate a plant came from a hot and dry environment and is an adaptation to reducing water loss. Spiky and dense foliage can also provide ideal habitat and shelter for small birds and small mammals as it provides protection from predators. A garden with dense plantings (thickets), particularly plants with dense, prickly foliage, will be more likely to attract and provide a habitat for small birds.

Featured Plants:
PROSTRATE WOOLLYBUSH  - Adenanthos x cunninghamii cv. 
SWAMP SHE-OAK - Casuarina glauca ‘Green Wave’ 
GREVILLEA  - Grevillea ‘Amber Blaze’ 
FINGER LIME  - Citrus australasica cv. 
DWARF OLD MAN BANKSIA  - Banksia serrata ‘Pygmy Possum’ 
- Coleus magnificus syn. Plectranthus spectabilis 
GREVILLEA  - Grevillea ‘Poorinda Royal Mantle’  
FLANNEL FLOWER  - Actinotus helianthi 
SPINY-HEADED MAT-RUSH  - Lomandra longifolia  
DWARF MOUNTAIN DEVIL - Lambertia formosa cv. 
PROSTRATE SWAMP SHE-OAK - Casuarina glauca ‘Cousin It’ 
DRUMSTICKS - Isopogon anemonifolius cv. 

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